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Friday, September 12, 2008

On Jo's Being Radical, The Balance of Power and Character

Dear Jo,
Let my earthly thought speak out, on your "The Balance of Power and Character"

Yes, reading you, I agree we cannot deny that the “stock” of power promised within the calling, is not parallel “utilized” with the character of a person who respond the call.
Why then the power should be promise at all if there is a risk of character conflict within, that might follow the person along the way. Is He not wise enough to offer such a “call”?
Let me try my “spiritual” thoughts on these..

It seems like I might need to go around the corner and see, what is so important for being radical. I've hear it for so many years.
“We need to be radical for Christ,” said a preacher.
“Amen”, answered the congregation.
The “amen” for years, has shut up the pop up question of mine: “for what, on what purpose?”
We never go far enough to explore the reason why we can hear the call. Far enough to see the scene: God himself plant the seed of faith in us.
There, for he has plant a seed in us, we need to be radical. Be with radix.

So why does it so important to be radical, and on what purpose?
I think because "being radical" logically means, being with radix or root. I feel a need to be with root in the world where counterfeit and EZ (ez pay, ez money) are accepted as a must. I think it would be cool stuff to have a “root” on something.

Being radical then would be being different. You will stand up, you will speak up, when everything around you are floating, carried away with the mass, by the mass.
By having a root, then we can carry on with life, as we are destined to live. No dead seed needs root. By having root, and only by having root we can fulfill our destiny.
Moreover, my radix, the root, on which I am standing, is Jesus. Christ. What a thought!

And what an interesting part to add on the idea of “it’s cool” of being within Christ: is the power. But, why is it important to have the power " cast out demons and to heal all sickness and illness.." as said in the Book of Matthew.

Actually, we all glance on the same scripture also: the power is within you. But comically, it seems like we are all waiting for a dramatically scene where the lightning tear up the sky before the power then is installed in us.

In my simple thought: the power must be understand as some kind of “tool” that meant to facilitates the nature of being radical, the nature of the calling. Just like a plant reacts to the power of growth within it, and then give out leaves, branch, and buds, so a radical one will facilitate the healing, the deliverance. It should be comes out just like that. It can’t be stopped, as no one can’t stop the growth of a plant, which is plant properly.

So where does the character go wrong?
Friend of mine, I Nuntung make an interesting tag line on his facebook page, .. tiada akar, batangpun pasti tak ada.."
In line with the idea, within my simple thought the character went wrong because when the seed of new creation was planting (even more, which did God himself plant), the seed was “not allow” to get it roots rooted by so called ”success”; which is come to us with so many different faces and names. The pursuing of success of manifesting (it is no longer facilitating) power, slow down and even stop the process of being radical. the process of to be with radix, be with root. Because the nature to produce root has been allocated to the achievement of success parameter.

I might be wrong. I might be the one without power. Nevertheless, I understand a lesson on being a person with character, and even more, being empowered by grace.

Thanks Jona. Again what a thought!!

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