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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Farewell Email : the running track

this is the note, written on my last day with IFC-Indonesia..

It's like get my self on the start line of a running track.

Today, i finished my run with IFC Indonesia, not as a quitter, off course, and I'm facing the new track.
I haven't finished the up coming run, but knowing you are there, cheer me up, : "ayo kamu bisa!!", I can't help not to feel excited.

Thank you. all of you.
I want to thank special people that have made my 3 years with IFC unforgettable. The year of learning, expanding and improving. But on top of this, thank you for the opportunity to become not only your colleague, but also your friend.
I have a list of special "terimakasih", this "terimakasih special pake telor" goes to:
Pak Bruce, Ibu Dina, Iain Neish, the people that risk their trust and then allow me to grow.
My colleagues : Makassar team (makassar bisa tonji, guys!), Ida Aji, Titiek, Danny, Bido, Nyoman, Mbak Astie, Shinto, Sandra, Veby, Aceh Team (guys, u always have special place in my heart ever!), Indra. Pak Hans (let me know pak, if you are in Makassar)

As you cheer me up, i would also like to say: "ayo, kamu bisa" for everyone that will continue the good work we've initiated all these years.

Today, as I finished my precious run with IFC, I am standing on my running track in confidence. I have what I need to go for a run. a new run.

Keep in touch,

Luna Vidia,,
+624116170101, +628124225333

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